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Our company focus on "Quality first,nice service" , consider customer as God, supply product no need you to worry . Our after-sales service network has covered domestic main port and area, domestic customer can enjoy 24 hours convenientservice, we strong commit that,1, and products implemented "quality guarantees", within 12 months purchasing method.

1,Where in the purchase of goods, such as quality problems arise, be caveat vendor replacement,only if not by human reason.Our company will arrange severice staff door to door service, only charge for material cost,no extra service fees.

2,the product upon delivery, we provide supporting technical information, including product certification, inspection certificate, user's manual,  in accordance with user needs, service staff will guide the user how to use it.

3,After product delivery, after-sales will support service such as phone call, fax, mail or regular visits etc,to collect about product using condition, as well as the comments and suggestions,easily for our company timely improvement, so that we can provide much better product and service

4,If you have any rope technical difficulties, our company will respond promptly and arrange technical services or door-to-door service, the problem will be quickly resolved in a short time, until you are satisfied.

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